Logbook of the World
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Submitting QSOs From a Logging Application

All of the applications listed below can export a file that can be digitally signed by TQSL.  Some of these applications can directly upload your QSOs to LotW, and update logged QSOs to reflect their acceptance and confirmation by LoTW. The ARRL does not recommend one application over another. You should review the features of each each application to decide which one best suits your operating style.

If you need help with one of these applications, please contact the developer or support organization.  The ARRL's LoTW Help Desk does not support logging applications or any other third party software.

Windows Logging Applications

Application URL Support Email or URL
BB Logger by IQ2VA http://www.bblogger.eu/  
Cabrillo Criollo LU4EG www.cabrillocriollo.com.ar  
ComCat 4 http://www.commcat.com/ Support (at) commcat.com
DX4Win http://www.dx4win.com/ support (at) dx4win.com
DXBase http://www.abrohamnealsoftware.com/  
DXLab www.dxlabsuite.com dxlab (at) yahoogroups.com
DXtreme Station Log http://www.dxtreme.com/  
Easy Log http://www.easylog.com/world.htm  
Ham Office http://www.hamoffice.de/  
Ham Radio Deluxe http://www.ham-radio-deluxe.com/ Support (at) hrdsoftwarellc.com
Log4OM www.pisto.it http://forum.log4om.com
Logger32 http://www.logger32.net/ hamlogger (at) yahoogroups.com
LOGic 9 http://www.hosenose.com/radio/  
N1MM Logger http://n1mm.com/ N1MMLogger (at) yahoogroups.com
N3FJP AC Log http://n3fjp.com/ snkdavis (at) aol.com
Pignology http://pignology.net/  
ProLog http://www.prolog2k.com  
Swisslog http://www.swisslogforwindows.com/ support (at) swisslogforwindows.com
Ucxlog http://www.ucxlog.org/  
UR5EQF Log http://ur5eqf.com/  
WinEQF http://www.bitwrap.no/web/index.php?id=eqf  
WriteLog http://www.writelog.com/  
XMLog http://www.xmlog.com/ support (at) xmlog.com


Mac OS X Logging Applications

Application                URL support email
Aether Logbook http://www.aetherlog.com/  
Mac Logger DX http://dogparksoftware.com/MacLoggerDX.html  
Rum Log http://www.dl2rum.de/rumsoft/RUMLog.html  


Linux Logging Applications

Application               URL                                                                 support email
CQRLOG http://www.cqrlog.com  
XLog http://xlog.nongnu.org/  


Other Applications

Application    URL support email
ADIF to Excel or Excel to ADIF http://dl1hw.darc.de/adif_en.html  
ADIF Master http://www.dxshell.com/soft/am.html