Logbook of the World
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Localizing TQSL

The text that appears in TQSL's windows, dialogs, and error messages can be presented in Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish. The French translation was accomplished using Google Translate but the others were accomplished by fluent speakers.

If you'd like to help improve the French translation or provide a translation for a language to which TQSL has not yet been localized,

  1. if you're not already a member, join the ARRL-LoTW Yahoo Group by sending an email message to ARRL-LOTW-owner@yahoogroups.com
  2. post a message on the ARRL-LoTW Yahoo Group that identifies the language(s) whose translation you'd like to help improve

You'll be connected with other users working on those languages so that the work can be efficiently distributed, and so that the results are available to the LoTW user community.