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Viewing and Applying for Award Credit

LoTW confirmations can be submitted for credit towards DXCC, VUCC, WAS, WAZ, and WPX awards. Doing so requires that you configure LoTW to work with each award family you are pursuing:

Then you'll be able to view your current award credit, and submit QSOs confirmed via LoTW for additional award credit:

When the processing of a WAZ or WPX application made from LoTW is complete, your LoTW confirmations will be conveyed to the CQ WAZ or CQ WPX Award Manager, respectively. You can then apply to CQ for awards, plaques, or pins.

The relationships among your LoTW Account, LoTW DXCC Award Accounts, LoTW WAS Award Accounts, LoTW WAZ Award Accounts, LoTW WPX Award Accounts, LoTW VUCC Award Accounts, and Callsign Certificates are described here.