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Using LoTW on Multiple Computers

You can can submit QSOs to LoTW from any number of computers onto which you've installed TQSL, copied your Callsign Certificates with their associated private keys, and copied your Stations Locations.

After requesting a Callsign Certificate, you must accept it with TQSL running on the same computer you used to request that Callsign Certificate. It is therefore recommended that you designate one computer as your Master, which is exclusively used when requesting new Callsign Certificatesrenewing existing Callsign Certificates, and maintaining Station Locations. Typically, the Master is the first computer on which you installed TQSL and requested your initial Callsign Certificate.

To be able to submit QSOs to LoTW from a new computer (or one not previously used for this purpose), first install TQSL on that computer.Then perform this three-step procedure to copy your Callsign Certificates, their associated private keys, and your Station Locations from the Master computer to the new computer:

1. Direct TQSL on the Master computer to create a Backup File.
2. Copy the Backup File from the Master computer to the new computer.
3. On the new computer, direct TQSL to restore Callsign Certificates and associated private keys, Station Locations, and Preferences from the copied Backup File.

Note that

  • Backup Files can be copied among computers running Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux
  • if you've specified a Backup File Folder in the Master computer's TQSL Preferences, this setting will be copied to the new computer's TQSL Preferences; verify that the specified folder is valid on the new computer if you intend to use automatic configuration backup there

Anytime you take one of the following actions on your Master computer, repeat steps 1 through 3 above to update each of the other computers you're using:

  • request and accept a new Callsign Certificate
  • renew an existing Callsign Certificate
  • define a new Station Location
  • modify an existing Station Location

If you're not certain that a Computer's Callsign Certificates are up-to-date, you can compare them with the Callsign Certificates listed in your LoTW Account, but repeating steps 1 through 3 above will eliminate the uncertainty.