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Getting Started with LoTW

Before you can submit QSOs to Logbook of the World (LoTW), you must install the free TQSL application on your computer. TQSL will enable you to obtain a Callsign Certificate that identifies you as the source of the QSOs you submit, and will also enable you to define a Station Location that specifies the geographical details of your operating location. A flowchart illustrating these steps is available here.

The QSOs you've submitted will be confirmed when your QSO partners submit matching QSOs. Before you can submit these confirmations for DXCC, VUCC, WAS, WAZ or WPX award credit, you must setup the linkage between LoTW and the award families you're pursuing.

Getting Started with Submitting QSOs

Note: If your primary callsign was issued in the United States but the postal address registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is not current, update it via the FCC ULS website before proceeding.

Start by downloading and installing TQSL, and using it to request a Callsign Certificate for your current callsign.

   1. Download and Install TQSL
   2. Request Your Initial Callsign Certificate and LoTW Account Password

The next step depends on whether or not you're licensed in the United States.

If your primary callsign was issued in the United States, the ARRL will send a postcard to the postal address specified in your FCC license. The postcard will specify an 8-digit "postcard password"; using your web browser, navigate here, and type in your "postcard password". In response, the ARRL will send you an email message containing your LoTW Account Password, with your Callsign Certificate attached.

If your primary callsign was not issued in the United States, you have two options:

   A. Mail a copy of your Amateur Radio operating authorization and a copy of one other government-issued document that shows your name and address (for example, a driver's license or a utility bill) to the ARRL; you may black out any sensitive information on the government-issued document, like a license number or account number. When the ARRL receives your documentation, it will send you an email message containing your LoTW Account Password, with your Callsign Certificate attached.
   B. Present your documents in person to an in-country ARRL DXCC Card Checker, The Card Checker will inspect your documents and, if accepted, inform ARRL’s LoTW staff that that the applicant’s identity and license have been verified. The ARRL will then send you an email message containing your LoTW Account Password, with your Callsign Certificate attached.

Not every DXCC entity has DXCC Card Checkers, and Card Checkers are not required to participate in this verification process. Thus you should contact an in-country Card Checker in advance to ask if they are willing to check your identity and license documents. A list of DXCC Card Checkers is here.


Direct TQSL to accept the Callsign Certificate you received from the ARRL:

   3. Accept Your Initial Callsign Certificate

Next, define a Station Location that describes the location from which you operate using your current callsign. If you have operated from more than one location, start by defining a Station Location for your current location; you can define additional Station Locations later.

   4. Define Your Initial Station Location

Before using TQSL or your logging application to submit QSOs to LoTW, employ the username and password contained in the email you received from the ARRL to verify that you can log in to your LotW Account. Be sure to remember this username and password, as your LoTW Account enables you to confirm that the QSOs you submit to LoTW have been accepted, determine which of your submitted QSOs have been confirmed via LoTW, and submit confirmations for Award Credit.

   5. Log in to your LoTW Account

Now you can submit QSOs to LoTW!  


If you've made QSOs using other station callsigns or from other locations, then after accepting a Callsign Certificate for your current callsign, you can obtain additional Callsign Certificates and define additional Station Locations.

Every Callsign Certificate expires after 3 years, but is easily renewed before it expires. You'll receive an email message from the ARRL several weeks before one of your Callsign Certificates will expire.

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