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Using LoTW With Multiple Callsigns and Operating Locations

This topic explains what to do if you have logged or will log QSOs using one or more station callsigns other than your present primary station callsign, or have logged or will log QSOs from one or more geographic locations other than your present operating location. It assumes that

First, obtain the necessary Callsign Certificates and define the necessary Station Locations:

  1. Request and accept a Callsign Certificate for each station callsign that you have used or will use over the air.
    • Each request lets you specify a date range for your use of the callsign; the starting and ending dates must be precise.
    • If a request for a Callsign Certificate is incorrectly denied because the callsign is "in use" by someone else during the date range you specified, send email to LoTW-help@arrl.org
  2. If you're using TQSL version 2.1 or later, Define a Station Location for each location from which you have made or will make QSOs; in each such Station Location, specify a Call Sign of none unless all QSOs made from that location were and will be made with the same station callsign, in which case select that station callsign as the Call Sign.

    If you're using a version of TQSL prior to 2.1, you must Define a Station Location for each combination of station callsign and location from which you have made or will make QSOs:

    • recommendation: make the name of each Station Location meaningful by incorporating both its station callsign and location,
      e.g. G7VJR-Comberton (town name) or K1IR-Middlesex (county name).
    • example 4 Callsign Certificates, 3 Operating Locations => 5 Station Locations:

      Callsign Certificate    Operating Location    Station Location Name    Explanation
      KC6IGZ   Los Altos, CA, USA   KC6IGZ-Los Altos   novice license callsign, previous QTH  
      N6YBG   Los Altos, CA, USA   N6YBG-Los Altos   general license callsign, previous QTH  
      AA6YQ   Los Altos, CA, USA   AA6YQ-Los Altos   present license callsign, previous QTH  
      AA6YQ   Wayland, MA, USA   AA6YQ-Wayland   present license callsign, present QTH  
      8P9RY   Holetown, Barbados   8P9RY-Holetown   holiday callsign, holiday QTH  
  3. All QSOs in a file that you will submit to LoTW with TQSL must be made with the same station callsign and from the same operating location so they can be digitally signed with the same Callsign Certificate and Station Location. If a file contains QSOs made with more than one station callsign or from more than one operating location,
    • Use your logging application or a text editor to split the file into multiple files, each of which contains QSOs made with the same station callsign and from the same operating location
    • Direct TQSL to submit each file separately; your logging application may provide helpful automation for this situation


4. 1x1 Special Event Call Signs:  To add a 1x1 Special Event Call sign, follow these procedures:

  • Start the TQSL program on your computer and click on the "Callsign Certificate" menu.
  • Select the "Request New Callsign Certificate" option from the menu. Enter the 1x1 callsign in the "Call sign" field. Select the proper DXCC Entity.
  • Enter both the start and end dates of the two week period that you have the 1x1 callsign reserved for in the date fields. Click on the "Next" button.
  • On the "This Callsign Certificate is for:" screen, select the "A special event (1x1) callsign" option. Click the "Next" button.
  • Enter the name of the Special Event in the "Name" field. Do not put your name. You may put in your address information. Click the "Next" button.
  • Enter your email address in the "Your email address" field. Click the "Next" button.
  • You may enter a password if you wish, but we do not recommend it because we cannot recover it for you if you lose it. Leave both fields blank and click the "Next" button.
  • Since 1x1 callsigns do not exist in the FCC database, you must sign your request with an existing Callsign Certificate. Select the desired Callsign Certificate from the displayed menu to sign your 1x1 request with. Click the "Finish" button. Upload your request to LoTW and it will be processed during normal business hours.