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Accepting an Additional Callsign Certificate

LoTW requires that you accept an additional Callsign Certificate using the same computer from which you generated the request for that additional Callsign Certificate.

These instructions assume that your Callsign Certificates reside in the folder C:\MyLoTWCertificates (if you've stored them in a different folder, adjust the instructions accordingly).

After requesting an additional Callsign Certificate, you should receive an email message from the ARRL with an attached file named theCallsign.tq6 (for example, K4CY.tq6); be sure to check your email client's "Spam" and "Junk". folders. If this email message does not arrive within 3 business days of sending your request, please send an email message to lotw-help@arrl.org for assistance. DO NOT create and send another Callsign Certificate request without being directed to do so by LoTW staff.

When the email message with your .tq6 file attached arrives from the ARRL,

1. Direct your email application to open the email message, and save the attached file into the folder C:\MyLoTWCertificates.
2. To proceed, the file theCallsign.tq5 must be present in C:\MyLoTWCertificates; if you deleted this file, you'll have to start over by requesting a new certificate from the ARRL.
3. Start TQSL and select the Callsign Certificates tab:
    3.a Click the Load a Callsign Certificate button; the Select Certificate File dialog will appear
    3.b In the Select Certificate File dialog,
         3.b.1. Set the Files of type selector (on OS X, set the Enable selector) to Certificate Request response files (*.tq6)
         3.b.2. Select the file theCallsign.tq6 in your C:\MyLotWCertificates folder
         3.b.3. Click the Open button; a small Install Certificate dialog will appear.
    3.c In the Install Certificate dialog, you'll be asked if its okay to install a trusted root certificate; click the Yes button
    3.d In the Load Certificate File dialog, click the Finish button
    3.e The Callsign Certificates tab will show an entry for your Callsign Certificate, with a yellow medal valid icon: .
    3.f Protect your new Callsign Certficate by directing TQSL to update your Backup File.
    3.g You can terminate TQSL by selecting its File menu's Exit command (on OS X, by selecting the Application menu's Quit tqsl command).
4. At the completion of these actions, the folder C:\MyLoTWCertificates will contain
    * the file theCallsign.tq6 -- contains the actual Callsign Certificate, in a form that cannot be moved to another folder or saved on an archival storage device
5. If you have TQSL installed on multiple computers, then perform the following steps on each such computer:
    5.a Delete the files theCallsign.tq6 and theCallsign.p12 if they are present, as these files now contain obsolete information
    5.b Obtain a copy of the Backup File you created in step 3.f (via your home network, or by using a thumb drive)
    5.c Start TQSL, and direct it to Restore from the backup file you obtained in step 5.b; this will update all Callsign Certificates, Station Locations, and Preferences on this computer to match those on the computer you used to accept the Callsign Certificate in step 3