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Logbook of The World

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Setting a Date Range in TQSL

If the Prompt for QSO Date Range option is enabled, TQSL will display the QSO Date Range dialog to prompt you to specify a Start Date and an End Date when Submitting a Log File to LoTW via the Internet or Submitting a Log File from a Computer without Internet Access. Any QSOs in the log file outside of this range will be ignored.

Dates should be entered in YYYY-MM-DD format:

Either date can be left blank, in which case only the other date is checked.

The QSO Date Range dialog can be used to prevent QSOs already submitted to LoTW that haven't been subsequently modified from being submitted again, sparing LoTW from processing QSOs that have already been processed. For example, if the last log file submitted contained QSOs made between 2013-02-20 and 2013-02-27, set the Start Date to 2013-02-27 and leave the End Date blank.Only QSOs made on 2013-02-27 or later will be submitted.

Display of the QSO Date Range dialog can be suppressed, but this should only be done if you are certain that the QSOs being submitted have never been submitted before, or have been modified since they were last submitted.