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Developer Information: Querying LoTW for DXCC Credits

LoTW provides a web service at https://lotw.arrl.org/lotwuser/logbook/qslcards.php that accepts RESTful queries that report DXCC Credits granted to QSOs confirmed via QSL card or LoTW from an LoTW DXCC Award Account that has been linked with a DXCC Record.

Using this web service, a logging application can update logged QSOs to reflect DXCC credit granted.

Each query is an HTTP "GET" string, formed in accordance with standard URL requirements (e.g., RFC1738). An example query URL might look like:


This query would return all DXCC credits for user k0gw if "notmypass" were k0gw's password.

Credit records are reported in ADIF format, with a header and one record per credit using the ADIF fields described below.

If the query fails, an HTML page containing an explanation will be returned; the absence of an ADIF end of header tag can be used to detect this outcome.


Query Parameters

Parameter Allowable
Required Parameters
login username   Note that while the user's primary call sign is usually the username, this is not always the case and should not be assumed.
password password    
entity     If present, specifies the ARRL DXCC Entity code of the DXCC Record to be queried when the user has Logbook DXCC award accounts for multiple DXCC entities


ADIF Fields

The following table shows the ADIF fields that appear in the output. Where no Value is shown, the value of the field is that of the standard ADIF field of that name.

Field Name Value Notes
Header Fields
ADIFVER String ADIF version
PROGRAMID String program name: LoTW qslcards.php
PROGRAMVERSION String program version
APP_LoTW_DXCCRecord_Call String Call sign on the DXCC record
APP_LoTW_DXCCRecord_Entity Numeric ARRL DXCC Entity code on the DXCC record
APP_LoTW_DXCCRecord_Country String Entity name on the DXCC record (in nEnglish)
APP_LoTW_DXCCRecord_Name String User name on the DXCC record
APP_LoTW_DXCCRecord_ARRLId  String ARRL unique (“Master”)  ID of user
APP_LoTW_DXCCRecord_SysId String DXCC system unique ID for DXCC record
APP_LoTW_DXCCRecord_LoTWId Numeric Logbook unique ID of user
APP_LoTW_DXCCRecord_Updated String DXCC record last update date
APP_LoTW_NUMREC Numeric Number of award credit records to follow
QSO Data Fields
CALL   From DXCC system; may be abbreviated to a “prefix” or a numeric ARRL DXCC Entity code
APP_LoTW_MODE PHONE, DATA Present if an ADIF non-compliant Mode is recorded for this credit in the DXCC system
The mode group indicates whether the QSO's mode counts towards the CW, Phone or Digital awards respectively in the DXCC program; possible
MODE   Present if an ADIF compliant Mode is record for this credit in the DXCC system
BAND   Present if a Band is recorded for this credit in the DXCC system
DXCC   Credit entity's ARRL DXCC Entity code
COUNTRY   Credit entity's name (in English)
APP_LOTW_DELETED_ENTITY Yes/No Credit entity's deletetion status
CREDIT_GRANTED   Award credits granted by this confirmation. Awards per ADIF  award enumeration
APP_LoTW_CREDIT_GRANTED   Award credits granted by this confirmation. Awards per Logbook internal award enumeration:
DXCC-2 2 Meters
DXCC-6 6 Meters
DXCC-10 10 Meters
DXCC-12 12 Meters
DXCC-15 15 Meters
DXCC-17 17 Meters
DXCC-20 20 Meters
DXCC-30 30 Meters
DXCC-40 40 Meters
DXCC-80 80 Meters
DXCC-160 160 Meters
DXCC-5B 5-Band
DXCC-5B-6 5-Band (6 Meter Endorsement)
DXCC-5B-12 5-Band (12 Meter Endorsement)
DXCC-5B-17 5-Band (17 Meter Endorsement)
DXCC-5B-30 5-Band (30 Meter Endorsement)
DXCC-5B-160 5-Band (160 Meter Endorsement)
DXCC-CHAL Challenge
DXCC-CW-HR CW (Honor Roll)
DXCC-M Mixed
DXCC-M-HR Mixed (Honor Roll)
DXCC-PH-HR Phone (Honor Roll)
DXCC-RTTY-HR Digital (Honor Roll)
DXCC-SAT Satellite


APP_LOTW_DXCC_APPLICATION_NR String Five (5) character alpha-numeric application serial  "number". Corresponds to the "Appl-#" value which appears on the DXCC credit slip. First application is number "00000"
APP_LOTW_DXCC_PROCESSED_DTG String Date time group (timestamp) for when this credit was processed into DXCC system, Format is: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss, Given at one minute granularity (seconfs are always zero),
End-of-file Field
APP_LoTW_EOF   Indicates end of file. This can be used to verify that the file was completely received. This field is not followed by <EOR>. Since this tag is not ADIF-compliant it will be replaced in a future release when an ADIF-compliant end-of-file marker is available.