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Loading a Callsign Certificate From a File

To load a Callsign Certificate and its associated private key from a file saved by TQSL

1. Start TQSL and select the Callsign Certificates tab, which lists your Callsign Certificates.
2. Click the Load a Callsign Certificate button; in the Select Certificate file dialog that appears,
  1. Set Look in to the folder containing the file
  2. Set the Files of type selector (on OS X, set the Enable selector) to Callsign Certificate container files (*.p12)
  3. Click on the desired Certificate Container file
  4. Click the Open button.
3.  In the Load Certificate file dialog, enter the password you specified when you created the Certificate Container file (if any), and click the Next button; the New Password dialog will appear.
4. In the New Password dialog,
  1. If your computer is shared or publicly accessible, specify a password in both textboxes; otherwise leave these boxes blank.
  2. Click the Ok button; the Load Certificate file dialog will display Loading complete.
5. In the Load Certificate file dialog, click the Finish button.

Note: when a Callsign Certificate is loaded, any pending request for a new Callsign Certificate with the same callsign is deleted, as are any expired Callsign Certificates for that callsign.