Logbook of The World
Logbook of The World

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Logging In to Your LoTW Account

To log in to your LoTW account,

1. Using your web browser, navigate to https://lotw.arrl.org/lotwuser/default
2. Specify the LotW Account Username and Password you received in the email message with your initial Callsign Certificate (unless you've been issued a new Username as a result of changing your callsign).

If you've misplaced your username and/or password for this account, send email to LoTW-help@arrl.org.

LoTW will display a web page with 6 tabs:

   Home    displays
  • "News and Notes", including planned LoTW maintenance
  • the currently-available version of TQSL
  • LoTW statistics
  • timely ARRL or LoTW information
  Your QSOs   provides access to
  Awards   enables you to view status and apply for credit for the DXCC, VUCC, WAS, WAZ,and WPX awards
  Find Call   enables you to determine when a callsign you specify last submitted QSOs to LoTW
  Upload File   enables you to submit a Callsign Certificate request file or a digitally signed log file to LoTW
  Your Account   this tab's Logbook Web Account Menu enables you to
  • review the results of LoTW's processing of each digitally signed log files that you've submitted
  • review your Callsign Certificates, and download them if desired
  • change your LoTW Web Account Password
  • specify or modify the email address that will be used to notify you when one of your Callsign Certificates is nearing its expiration date
  • display any messages sent to you by LoTW staff
  • review any Payment Credit in your LoTW account
  • specify the Credit Card to be used to fund an LoTW award application