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Logbook of The World

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Setting Up TQSL on a New Computer

If you've acquired a new computer and would like to use it to run TQSL,

1.  Install TQSL on your new computer, as described here
2. On your old computer, direct TQSL to create a Backup File.
3. Copy the Backup File from the old computer to the new computer, e.g. using a thumb drive or a network connection
4. On the new computer, direct TQSL to restore Callsign Certificates and their associated private keys, Station Locations, and Preferences from the copied Backup File.


  1. If your old computer is not running a recent version of TQSL with the ability to create a backup file, upgrade it; otherwise, you'll have to move your Callsign Certificates and Station Locations one at a time.
  2. Creating a backup file works even when your old and new computers are running different operating systems.
  3. If you'll be continuing to submit QSOs from your old computer as well as your new computer, see the procedure recommended here.