Logbook of The World
Logbook of The World

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Changing Your Primary Callsign

When you are issued a new primary callsign within the same DXCC entity as your previous primary callsign:

  1. Inform the ARRL of your new primary callsign by submitting this form. You will receive an email message informing you to begin using your new primary callsign as the username with which to log in to your LoTW Account; your LoTW Account password will not change.
  2. In parallel with step 1, request a Callsign Certificate for your new callsign; in step 3.e.2, select your current Callsign Certificate
  3. Accept the Callsign Certificate for your new callsign
  4. Define a Station Location that references the Callsign Certificate you accepted in step 2
  5. If you are pursuing DXCC awards, merge the new callsign's LoTW DXCC Account into your current LoTW DXCC Account for the entity
  6. If your are pursuing VUCC awards, update your VUCC award tracking configuration
  7. If you are pursuing WAS awards, update your WAS award tracking configuration
  8. If you are pursuing WAZ awards, update your WAZ award tracking configuration
  9. If you are pursuing WPX awards, update your WPX award tracking configuration